Thursday, August 2, 2012

39. The Peacekeepers (2005) *

This short documentary provides an insight into the internal workings of the UN and its peace keeping missions.  Focusing on the military observers first deployed to the DRC, members of the UN Department of Peace Keeping Operations attempt to find the necessary political support from member states and the security council in order to prevent another humanitarian catastrophe.  As the Ituri region nears explosion point, with armed groups swapping gold for arms, the UN desperately needs resolutions allowing the UN to deploy a robust force to fight the war lords and combatants from Uganda and Rwanda seeking to exploit the rich mineral resources in the region and town of Bunai.  

The documentary contains interviews with leading UN personnel and illustrates the importance of principles such as the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).  Its simply not good enough for the peacekeepers to go in once the atrocities have been committed.  If enough media attention, public opinion and political will exists, these atrocities can be prevented.  

Shot in high definition, the film is easy to watch and informative.  

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