Monday, July 30, 2012

33. Shake Hands with the Devil (2007) *

The Journey of Romeo Dallaire 

Ten years after the Rwandan genocide in 1994, Peter Raymont accompanies Romeo Dallaire to Rwanda for the first time since his departure.  Dallaire was the General in charge of the UN peacekeeping forces in Rwanda.  The film is a critical and reflective journey in which the many failures of the UN and international community in the lead up to the genocide claiming 800,000 lives are explored.  

So why did the UN peacekeepers not do more to prevent the genocide?  Why did the international community not respond?  How did Dallaire attempt to draw international attention to Rwanda?  These are all questions which Dallaire grapples with every day since 1994.  

One of the interesting things Dallaire mentions is the trial of OJ Simpson, he notes that most people in the world were fascinated by OJ Simpson's gloves and that they saw images of Rwanda and then moved onto other things.  Therefore, Dallaire courted the press, speaking candidly to CBC and inviting Mark Doyle of the BCC to cover the impending atrocities.  

A great accompaniment to the book of the same name.  I dedicate this post to Liam Tracey Raymont who told me about this movie. 

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