Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Welcome to my new blog "Human Rights Film Diary". 

The Purpose 

I am currently doing research on the interaction of international criminal justice and cinema. This year I've watched (and subjected other people to watching) a number of movies about human rights violations and conflict for my PhD. Recently I've realised that I need a way to record these movies even if they don't form part of my thesis. Therefore I've decided to create a blog, mainly for my own purpose but also in case anyone wants to watch them/comment about them/ recommend other movies. 

The Aim 

This summer I am in the Hague visiting the International Criminal Court (ICC) as an intern. I plan to take this opportunity to watch and review 120 films and documentaries in 90 days. If you have a lot of spare time, I invite you to watch the movies with me, otherwise I hope that the reviews will provide a resource if you are interested in law and film. 

Beyond Film Reviews

The blog will also intermittently feature book reviews on law and popular culture, posts on graphic novels and comics, interviews with film directors and some other treats along the way. 

 I hope that you like it and any comments are more than welcome! 


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