Tuesday, July 31, 2012

35. Eichmann's End (2010) *

Love, Treachery and Death

Eichamann's Ende is a German made for television film on the events leading to the capture of Adolf Eichmann.  Made by Raymond Ley, the film stars Herbert Knaup, Ulrich Tukur (The Lives of Others, John Rabe) and Alex Milberg.  

The movie is told through the prism of a love story between Silvia Hermann, a young German emigre in Buenos Aires and Nick Eichmann, the son of Adolf Eichmann.  When Silvia's father realises who Nick's father is he asks his daughter to play detective, gathering evidence which he sends to Germany.  This information in turn is passed onto the Mossad. 

Through the interviews with Dutch Fascist William Sassen, we hear the tapes of conversation between the journalist and Adolf Eichmann on topics such as Hilter, the Holocaust and Eichmann's role in organizing the transport of Jews to concentration camps.  These tapes would become important evidence against him in his trial in Israel.  

A short film portraying Eichmann as less banal and more evil.  

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